The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM
Managing Partner
The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM has an intrinsic academic grounding in Commercial Law. Combining this with his extensive commercial experience as an entrepreneur, Faddy has a profound understanding of his commercial clients’ needs.   As the Principal With Trust of Zouki Lawyers, he creates a legal environment that is commercially focused and results driven. He is also a Registered Migration Agent, which adds a further dimension to his Melbourne legal practice. Faddy has acquired extensive experience in several jurisdictions, primarily in relation to Corporate and Commercial matters. His international background and understanding gives him a global viewpoint and an ability to work effectively within a multicultural setting, as well as collaborate with other professionals in this regard.   Faddy has represented private investors, corporate clients and leading financial institutions in relation to banking and finance, trade, investment, private and commercial real estate transactions and tourism development projects. He has advised on a number of major transactions, which include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring and the provision of development financing for significant investment projects. He appears in the Magistrates', County, Supreme and High Courts. MARA No 0531019 READ MORE


Olivia Kalash
OLIVIA KALASH Olivia graduated with an extensive range of academic programs, including a Bachelor of Laws, a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice and a Bachelor of Social Science in Criminal Justice. Admitted at the Supreme Court in May of 2019 and entered into the Register of Practitioners of the High Court of Australia in March of 2020. Olivia has expanded her knowledge and legal skills by worked across a board range of complex legal areas including family law, criminal law, immigration law, litigation and commercial law matters. Olivia is an enthusiastic and compassionate individual who works very closely with her clients in ensuring they acquire the best feasible outcome. Other languages spoken: Assyrian.
Ahmad Lababidi
Ahmad began his legal career when he was admitted in May 2019. His practice is focused on advising and assisting clients to identify and resolve issues in relation to complex legal matters. He expertly assists his clients to resolve sensitive and emotional immigration with efficiency and composure. Ahmad has graduated from an extensive range of academic programs such as; Bachelor of Laws with First-Class Honours and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice. Through his academic achievements he has become very passionate about achieving the best results for his clients and ensuring that individuals receive their legal entitlements. Ahmad has a strong passion for helping individuals, families, and businesses struggling with legal problems specifically immigration law problems. He is extremely passionate about international law, in particular, human rights, and wants to focus his legal career on fighting for justice and equality for underprivileged and marginalised people. Other languages spoken: Arabic. MARA No 1912130
Jerome Zouky
Patrick Francis Sabelberg
Bernadette Khoury
Practise Manager
Sandy Lu
Accounts Manager