The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM
Managing Partner

The Hon Faddy Zouky OAM has an intrinsic academic grounding in Commercial Law, holding a Master of Laws and having lectured in this area at Monash University for over 14 years. Combining this with his extensive commercial experience as an entrepreneur, Faddy has a profound understanding of his commercial clients’ needs.


As the Principal With Trust of Zouki Lawyers, he creates a legal environment that is commercially focused and results driven. He is also a Registered Migration Agent, which adds a further dimension to his Melbourne legal practice. Faddy has acquired extensive experience in several jurisdictions, primarily in relation to Corporate and Commercial matters. His international background and understanding gives him a global viewpoint and an ability to work effectively within a multicultural setting, as well as collaborate with other professionals in this regard.


Faddy has represented private investors, corporate clients and leading financial institutions in relation to banking and finance, trade, investment, private and commercial real estate transactions and tourism development projects. He has advised on a number of major transactions, which include mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring and the provision of development financing for significant investment projects. He appears in the Magistrates', County, Supreme and High Courts.



Amir Awad
Amir Awad graduated from Deakin University, with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce (Management) in 2009. He was awarded a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 2010 and was admitted to practice in the same year. Amir has been working as a solicitor since. Prior to graduating and gaining his first role as a solicitor, Amir acquired firsthand experience volunteering and during graduate programs and a number of firms which allowed him to immerse himself in the industry prior to obtaining a professional role.

Amir has a specific interest in Commercial and Immigration Law matters in addition to other areas of law including; general civil litigation, wills and estates, sports and property law.

Amir has worked on< large scale commercial matters with national and international clients and has undertaken various tasks for national and foreign clients seeking to expand their businesses here and abroad through investment.

Amir has drafted agreements for and advised on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, million-dollar construction projects among other top end commercial deals.

Amir has also worked on various in-house tasks for one of the biggest hospitality companies in Australia.

Furthermore, he has appeared as an advocate and instructing solicitor in various jurisdictions, including; the Magistrates’, County and Supreme Courts of Victoria. Amir has acted on behalf of small and large Australian and foreign companies, and various professional and amateur sports clubs and associations.

Amir is also a registered Migration Agent, and has developed extensive experience in complex immigration law matters. He has provided legal assistance and advice to clients of various backgrounds and in various jurisdictions, including; the Migration Review Tribunal, Refugee Review Tribunal, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Court.
Gerald Davis
Senior Associate
Gerald Davis brings over 27 years legal experience to the table. He is a passionate lawyer who enjoys the challenge of helping client’s put commercial deals together and negotiating successful resolution of disputes.

Gerald’s expertise lends itself to general commercial advice, contract documentation, property and commercial leasing matters, and sales and purchases of businesses in all states of Australia. He is also able to deal with litigious issues, which arise in those areas.

He has been involved in several multi-million dollar transactions, including; large commercial conveyancing and commercial leasing transactions in Melbourne, New South Wales and Queensland for high wealth clients. His dedication to the law and friendly and trusted manner, has allowed him to maintain a long-term relationship with clients.
Farèal Dadouch
LLB, B.A., Grad. Dip. Law,

Fareal joined the team at Zouki Lawyers in 2016.

Faréal offer s a fresh, feminine perspective on the practice of law in Australia, and is a passionate solicitor committed to achieving great outcomes for her clients. She is a highly skilled lawyer and works in all aspects of Property law. Farèal is responsible for advising clients on complex property matters and disputes. Whilst also managing high-status property developments both in Melbourne and interstate.

Faréal is admitted as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria. Faréal's qualifications include Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Media & Communication and Arabic from Deakin University.

Farèal is an active member of the community, in particular youth advocacy, having undertaken various work experiences such as being a radio host on a community radio (3CR) and television presenter on an award-winning national series on Channel 31.
Abdullah Nakat
Graduate Lawyer
BCom, JD, DIP.Comm

Abdulah is undertaking supervised legal training under the guidance and supervision of Partner, Mr. Amir Awad as a Graduate Lawyer. He completed a Master of Laws (Juris Doctor) at Monash University in January 2017, having already acquired a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University (Burwood) in 2013, where he majored in Commercial Law, International Management and Human Resource Management. Additionally, he completed a Diploma of Commerce at Melbourne Institute of Business Technology in 2011. Abdulah anticipates that he will be admitted as an Australian Lawyer by mid-2018 and aspires to specialize in Contract Law, Property Law, Commercial (retail and non-retail) Leasing, Corporations Law, general Commercial Law and Litigation.